• Working in accordance with legal conditions,
  • Increase production efficiency by following technological developments,
  • Maintaining competitive advantage by keeping our costs at appropriate levels,
  • To have a management approach that is open to communication and sharing, creating opportunities for employees to improve themselves and motivating them,
  • Working with staff who own their business, are honest, renew themselves, share their knowledge, are aware of efficiency, are aware of the profits they will provide to the organization and all segments,
  • To be respectful to the environment by using raw materials, energy and labor force in the most efficient way in production,
  • To comply with Quality Management System Requirements and to continuously improve its effectiveness,
  • Being an organization that takes an example in every aspect of our sector and overlaps our product with the requirements of the age, the expectations of producers and consumers,
  • Prevent risk to our employees and customers by providing a safe and secure environment,
  • Contribute to the development of our suppliers.


Etosan started Quality System Studies in 2003 in parallel with the development process of the automotive sector.
In 2004, the necessary infrastructure was created by referencing the ISO 9000 quality management system standard and was certified with the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

Adopting continuous development as a principle, our company started TS-16949 system studies in 2009. As a result of the TS-16949 inspection carried out by BVQI in June 2010, after the work was completed in the first half of 2010, our company was entitled to receive a certificate.